• My First Invention

    My First Invention

My First Invention

what can you see with 30 ? sum of number? right it is. 30 can be number. let me tell you something truly different about this 30.
but it surely related to the number of 30.

okay, tell me one thing. just one thing about being 30 ? how great is it? i guess not much people happy for getting old and older and older and older..... stay young is more fun. 30 makes life more serious. you required to be a perfect mature adult. (that's how's going in my home country). some people is ready from the time when they actually can be a young people. but, family teach them to a fast track adulter. but, i'm outside of that communal.

me love having fun, being young forever, and never get old.

30 with all the responsibility that comes together with that number placed on my enemy collection box.

then, i found a thing. 30 consists of 3 and 0. let see thoroughly. 3 and 0 are perfect combination. i named them a "asshole".

look at that 3  that shapes like an ass and 0 as a hole. combine together 3+0 = asshole.

yeah, that's how you feel for being 30.

such an asshole.

on a mourn wednesday at the end of november 2015

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