• practice hand lettering

    practice hand lettering


Jadi lebih baik berlatih menulis indah daripada mendengarkan lirik lagu, “bila memang harus berpisah aku akan tetap setia…” ketika kita magabut di kantor. That’s what I learn today when my worksmate play that Isyana song over and over again.

Recently I am doing hand lettering practicing so hard. But, got nothing. My writing still bad and I don’t have any other facilities to improve my skill. Maybe I don’t have the seeds. Maybe being a calligrapher was not my destiny of life. I don’t know. Life getting extremely harder recently. *lalu curhat.

I supposed through some way of learning to improve my hand lettering skill, such as:

1.  Praying every damn day to be better

2.  Have a proper pen although it was not the finest quality. Now, I am lack of calligraphy pen.

3.  I need more money to buy paper and ruler

4.  I need more money to buy good quality watercolor not like mine now

5.  I watch tutorial every damn day on youtube

6.  I also read article about hand lettering

7.  I follow IG account about hand lettering

8.  Practice everyday

9.  Never give up.

I agree the phrase “Practice makes perfect” because only anti give up person will gain the success.

Great hope for this 2016.

With love,


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