• Want to Look Pretty? Be Happy, That’s the Key

    Want to Look Pretty? Be Happy, That’s the Key


Being a woman surely hard. It is always about the look. How you dress up and put the makeup. Beauty often measured by appearance. So, it is hard for every woman to get their justice. Some maybe born with beautiful look, some rather worse or even worst. Some born in a rich family so they can fix their appearance, but some don’t get that luck. It is like they’ve got cursed. Although they somehow maybe have better luck in love rather than the beautiful and rich ones.

Whatever the scene, women mind their self created to be enjoyable visual creatures.

And, there are some conditions that make them even dress up more. One of them is on the wedding reception. Wedding reception is a stage for every woman. With fashionable dress, great makeup and hair do, somehow also very beautiful high heels, OMG! I think it’s must be one of the most painful day among their entire life. Isn’t it? Let’s check the nightmare list for woman to be the star of their stage.

High heels, which obviously going to hurt your feet and bothering your mobility.

Bold make up, which will make you hard to express. Oh, the imitation eye lashes that make your eyes cannot open well, lipstick that will destroy deliciousness of the dishes (and maybe your stomach for its poison like Poison Ivy, remember?), what else…? The powder that very thick and make your face like wearing bold mask, and many more. (Make up, I think I hate it the most anyway).

Complicated dress. You even cannot have a pee because of the skirt. You cannot take something too low because you wear sexy blouse. When you bow your body, so do that cleavage will say, hi!

So, here is some tips for you to escaping that nightmares, and be a happy guest on wedding reception:

First of all, don’t ever wear a high heels if you don’t usually wear it on your daily activities. High heels is only for superwoman. If you usually wear sneakers, than wear just something like that. You can wear flat shoes with gold or silver color or any other color that is match to your clothes. Let your feet move freely from one food station to another. Remember, it is important to eat a lot on a wedding reception since that is our most precious job there.

Second, of course, don’t put too much make up, except you are part of the brides maid, the primary family’s member of the bride, or you are the bride itself. Be a usual guest shouldn’t make you put too much effort. Just give some make up to prevent you from looks so ugly of oily skin. My tips, I usually use moisturizer, a little bit powder, and blush on. I cut out my relationship with any kind of imitation things for makeup. No need imitation eye lashes, no need too much foundation, and no need imitation eyebrow. Maybe you can use red lipstick without anything else because the color is strong enough to put character on your face. I also put some eyeliner just so I have light in my tired eyes. So long bold make up! confidence is the most precious make up. Remember Audrey Hepburn once said, “Happiest Girl is The Prettiest”. Be happy there, and you’ll be look beautiful. Can eat much delicious food surely make you happy, right?

Last, the clothes. Again, if you are just a usual guest, just put simple one piece dress or skirt or trousers with beautiful yet simple blouse so you can have a pee anytime you want. You also can have poop in the middle of the event and get back to the food station. Reload your stomach happily.

That’s the tips to make good performance not just on a wedding reception but for any kind of your stage. With this trick, you may not absolutely win the look amongst the other women. But, smart win the look. Be smart to eat much to fulfill your happiness on your important occasions. Don’t sacrifice yourself to get good look. Don’t too much laaaahhh…

Want to look pretty? Be happy, that’s the key.


Girls, I have a message for you. Don’t chase the justice to be acknowledged because of the appearance. It is hurts to be divided from other woman because you maybe not have a very good look. But, somehow it is not indicator that you are worse than other woman. We born as unique. We different from each other. Believe in yourself that you can be anyone, but you proud to choose to be yourself. (It is note to myself too).

Anyway, I love you :)

Jakarta March 22, 2016

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